Welcome to Nord-Odal

Nord-Odal is a county with a lively cultural scene and good natured residents.

Milepelen, the county’s house of culture, is a creative and lively venue which regularly hosts festivals, theater performances, and concerts. Milepelen also offers a fantastic restaurant and motel accommodations onsite.


In addition to being a culturally rich county, Nord-Odal is also known for its natural splendor. We are surrounded by deep forests and fantastic lakes that invite Nord-Odal residents, our large vacation cottage population, and all those coming to the region for a shorter visit to enjoy an active outdoor experience. Nord-Odal’s public forests offer hunting and accommodations in enhanced surroundings.


Nord-Odal also has a robust economy that generates employment opportunities for both our residents and those of surrounding communities. The largest employer, after the municipality and its publically-run industries, is Mapei AS. Mapei, in addition to offering many industrial jobs, has its own onsite research facility.


Nord-Odal county wants to offer its residents and visitors quality services. Dynamic schools and kindergartens rich in learning and enjoyment are the foundation for the future in our county. Our elderly and infirm feel secure and cared for here. Nord-Odal county has respect for its residents and works daily to give everyone the best offerings possible.


Whether you hope to visit us or are considering moving here, we wish you a most heartfelt welcome to Nord-Odal! 


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