Welcome to Kongsvinger

The fortress in Kongsvinger was named  ”Königs Winger ” (the king’s wings) on Febuary 10, 1683 and a surrounding camp quickly grew up around it.  During the 1700’s, people continued to move into the area, and in 1854 Kongsvinger received township status.   The railway arrived in 1862, and throughout the 1800s renowned artists such as Erik Werenskiold, Jonas Lie, and Dagny Juel became a part of the cityscape. 
When you visit the castle, you will be struck by the fantastic view and quickly realize why renowned poet Aasmund Olavson Vinje (1818-1870) described the view from the fortress as "one of the most beautiful in the country."
The fortress is now a vibrant cultural venue that plays host to notable arrangements ranging from a rock music festival to exciting international lectures and exhibits.


The historic buildings are now used as tourist accommodations, meeting venues, and a conference hotel.
It is a unique experience you will only find in Kongsvinger.
Located along the fortress wall is the old fortified camp and garrison Øverbyen—Kongsvinger's oldest district.
Here you will experience an idyllic wooden housing settlement from the 1700s and 1800s that offered both large officer housing and barracks surrounded by beautiful and majestic vegetation.


Øverbyen is also the site of a vibrant arts and crafts community that offers cozy cafes, annual festivals, and lots of hustle and bustle. 

Many compare Kongsvinger to a miniature Budapest as both have a river that divides the city center in half—the train station side and the fortress side. 


Finnskogen is another cultural attraction not to be missed.

Here you will find a mixture of old Finnetorp with an exciting and mystic history to wild, beautiful, untouched nature.

The area’s unique heritage is kept alive by the locals and other interested parties.  A visit to the Norwegian-Finnish forest museum will give you insight into the area’s Finnish roots that have played an important role in shaping the area’s culture and heritage.   The area also holds annual festivals including Finnskogdager (Finnskog Days) and exhibits. 

At Liermoen, you can play golf together with family and friends on one of the best and most beautiful forest courses in Scandinavia.   The 18-hole facility at Liermoen offers a unique golfing experience for all, regardless of ambition or skill.
Kongsvinger Friluftsrestaurant is a multipurpose building in Liermoen where visitors can dine while enjoying the beautiful view of Lierfløyta.




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