Welcome to Eidskog

Whether you come to stay for one day, for a holiday, or you are moving here, we are pleased to wish you welcome to Eidskog!

Eidskog is a proud member of the international network of cities ”Cittaslow” that represents the Scandinavian good life and considers quality of life, identity, and hospitality as its defining characteristics.


There are lots of things to experience in Eidskog, here are some examples:


"The land of peace - Morokulien":

The land of peace at Morokulien is situated in he middle of Scandinavia, and right on the border between Norway and Sweden – the symbol of more than 200 years of peace between two neighbour countries.


The Sootcanal:

The Soot canal stretches through three counties -  from Nettmangen in Nes municipality, Akershus county, into Haldenvassdraget in Østfold county. The most interesting part of the canal is the system of locks between Skjærvangen and Mortsjølungen that were built to transport timber. It is the oldest of such canals in Norway, and was used for the first time in the summer of 1849.


"Oppistun Børli":

The place where the poet Hans Børli (1918-1989) grew up, in the forests of Fjellskogen. A beautiful and idyllic place located by Børen lake on the border between Hedmark and Akershus counties.


"Eidskog Bygdetun":

Almenninga farm is located in Vestmarka on the road to Skillingmark, Sweden. The houses on the farm are built in a cluster which was a common building practice at the time. The old road to Sweden cut through the farmyard, and it is possible the pilgrim road to Nidaros (modern day Trondheim) did as well.

 For more information about these attractions, see "attractions" on Destination South Hedmark web!


Hunting and Fishing

Feel your pulse rise and your blood pumping. Whether it is a fish on your hook or an elk in your sight, it is an adrenalin rush to have a catch so close.



Vrangselva is the main waterway in Eidskog and runs from Kongsvinger through the most populated areas in Eidskog into Sweden.




Get your feet or bike and embark on a fantastic trip through Eidskog. Vekterveien is a complete trail connecting all of the community’s small villages.

For more information, see vekterveien.no


Elveparken in Magnor

Elveparken (the river park) is an attractive place to visit in Magnor’s downtown. The park is located along the banks of Vrangselva river.


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