Welcome to Åsnes

Åsnes is located in the middle of the three Solør municipalities (Våler, Åsnes og Grue). 

Flisa is located in Åsnes and is Solør’s commercial center. 
Here you will find a rich selection of businesses and eateries.  The last weekend in June Flisa plays host to approximately 40,000 visitors attending SolørMart’n (the Sølor Market).  Thursday to Sunday’s schedule is filled with concerts, shopping, and carnival rides and games while the main thoroughfare, Kaffegata, and its adjoining areas are filled with excitement and activity.  The events are free and parking is gratis.

In Flisa, you will find Skjoldmøya in a park located between the streets of Frøyasgate and Friggsgate.  Skoldmøya is a statue of a young woman with a shield in her hand.  The statue was erected in the fall of 2011. 

Experience Åsnes’ varied landscape from the scattered villages along the Glomma river to its vast forests and hills.

Vestmarka (the west woods) lie to the west and finnskogene (the Finnish forests) lie to the east.  Both areas are well-suited to outdoor activities regardless of the season.  Finnskogene were named after Finnish immigrants of the 17th and 18th centuries who settled in the area. It is here that several thousand immigrants from areas in central Finland that share a border with Russia chose to live.  These immigrants often had with them only a cow or a bit of rye in a sack, and yet managed to build their farms with smokehouses, mills, and saunas.  They brought with them a culture that was unknown to our country at the time, but is still being kept alive and makes Finnskogen an exotic and exciting destination.  Kaffefinnskog (Café Finnskog) located on Vermundsjøen (Vermund lake) serves traditional fare from the region.  You can order flesk (a meal featuring thickly sliced bacon) and nævagraut  (a lumpy porridge served with bacon and lingonberries). 

Tyskeberget Finnetorp dating back to the 17th century is an exciting destination in Åsnes Finnskog.  The farm’s preservation and care is now under the direction of the Åsnes Finnskog Historical Society. 

The famous bear hunter Daniel Andersen Tyskeberget (Taniel Andinpolika Veteläinen) lived on the farm.  He was unquestionably one of the country’s greatest bear hunters who shot approximately 100 bears with his rudimentary equipment.

The possibilities for outdoor activities are many.  In Vestmarka, freshly prepared ski tracks give skiers access to a network of ski trails that cover the entire area surrounding Vestmarka.   In the summer, the many lakes, rivers, and ponds found in the area offer excellent opportunities for fishing and canoeing adventures.     While a well-developed network of forest roads provides excellent opportunities for walks and connecting with nature.  Finnskogsleden offers a winding trail that crisscrosses the Norwegian/Swedish border from the Morokulien in Magnor in the south to Søre-Osen in Trysil in the north.  There are booklets available containing maps that describe this route in detail.




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