About Visit Kongsvinger Region

Destination South Hedmark AS was founded as a tourist and convention bureau by the 4 chambers of commerce in the region. 

Since then, all 7 counties and the private businesses and industry located in the region have been invited to join the company as shareholders. 

The company is experiencing a period of growth having completed a new stock issuance in fiscal year 2012/2013.  

An additional stock issuance will be considered in fiscal year 2013/2014.

Destination South Hedmark AS is a public relations firm and tourism bureau for the 7 counties located in the Glåmdal region. 
The company will:
• Conduct public relations efforts;
• Work with businesses in the region to increase product development;
• Design product packaging for products originating within the region;
• Serve as a contact, coordinator, and initiative taker for other tourism bureaus in the region; and
• Serve as a contact for membership in national organizations.


Destination Hedmark AS Board of Directors:
Bjørn O. Waage, Magnor Glassverk, President
Niels F. Rolsdorph, Grue kommune , Member
Tove K. Gulbrandsen, Sør Odal Næringshage, Member
Kjersti Myhre, Solør Næringshage, Member
Borge Nordfjeld, Magnor Næringshage, Member
Asbjørn Holmen, Grue Næringshage, Member    


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