The region has a number of good rivers and lakes for freshwater fish. 

Lake Mjøsa comprises 21 types of fish, and the most common are vendace, powan, trout, perch and pike. Protection orders are in force during the period 01.09 - 30.04. Åkersvika Nature Reserve is a popular pike fishing area. In April and May, when large flocks of migratory birds are present, fishing is only permitted at a few spots. A fishing permit is not required for fishing in Mjøsa.


Ringsaker hunting and fishing area has some 50 lakes and 60km of rivers and streams with species like trout, grayling, perch, pike and powan. Several of the lakes offer wheelchair access. In the Næra, Mesna and Sjusjøen lakes, you can catch perch and pike.


The river Brumunda leads to Mjøsa, and along its lower part it is possible to catch trout over 1 kg.


Hedmarksvidda offers excellent fishing in two large rivers as well as six lakes and tarns. Wheelchair access is available at Puttsjøen. Trout is the most common species, but it is also possible to catch arctic char. Automatic toll charge and fishing permit machine available at Gåsbu and Gåsbu Kiosk. Fishing is permitted during the period 01.05 - 15.09.


Romedal & Stange Almenning Trout, perch, pike and carp fishing in the larger lakes. NOK 50 for 24 hours. Also valid for Romedal and Vallset where permits also can be purchased by the road-side or via SMS. For further info, please see In Løiten Almenning, a fishing permit is not required. Try fishing for trout in river Fura and perch in the Yksensjøen lake and Jøsstjernet tarn. Lake Sjølisjøen is excellent for pike fishing, and you will find large stocks of perch and pike in lake Rokosjøen.


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