Terms and conditions

These terms and condition apply to Visit Elverum-Regionen AS and the person/enterprise to whom the booking is registered.

Who is responsible?
Visit Elverum-Regionen AS is responsible to you for the quality and performance of all events sold to you. The sub-suppliers that Visit Elverum-Regionen AS uses are in turn responsible for their part of the complete travel package.

The person who makes the booking is financially liable for the whole booking and for everyone in the same party, including for payment of the whole purchase price.

Visit Elverum-Regionen AS is responsible for:

  • - receiving your oral or written booking.
  • - ensuring that you receive the necessary documents.
  • - ensuring that a booking confirmation is sent to you be email. Visit Elverum-Regionen AS is not responsible for promises made to guests by sub-suppliers or their contact persons, and that are not specified in the booking confirmation.
  • - you being informed about any significant changes concerning your booking.
  • - the supplier(s) receiving payment for the services you have purchased.

When does the booking become binding?

Your booking is binding when it is confirmed orally or in writing by Visit Elverum-Regionen AS. Online bookings are binding when you have received a booking number.

Age limits
Guests must be at least 18 years old to book/enter into an agreement with the organiser. Other age limits apply at certain times and to certain accommodation options. Guests' ID is checked on arrival. Read more in our complete terms and conditions for booking.

When do you have to pay when booking a stay?
Payment is made at the same time as the booking. Only payment with credit card (Master Card or Visa) is possible. We will get in touch if any problems should arise with your credit card. If we are unable to reach you, the booking will be cancelled. 

What terms and conditions apply if you wish to cancel?
You can cancel on the internet (you are given log on ID and password when you book), or by giving oral or written notification to Visit Elverum-Regionen AS. Opening hours for phone bookings are 9.00–15.00 Mon-Fri. Please note that a change is treated as a cancellation (the cancellation fee is NOK 100), and that the price of accommodation changes all the time and may differ from the price when you originally booked.

Cancellation fees – hotels:

  • - If you cancel more than two days before arrival, you will have to pay an administration fee of NOK 100.
  • - If you cancel less than two days before arrival (or if you do not show up at the hotel), you will be charged for the whole stay (no refund).

Terms and conditions for the cancellation of cabins and apartments:

  • - If you cancel more than 30 days before arrival, you will have to pay an administration fee of NOK 100.
  • - If you cancel less than 30 days before arrival (or if you do not show up at the cabin/apartment), you will be charged for the whole stay (no refund).


Terms and conditions for the cancellation of activities (not packages):

  • - If you cancel more than 15 days before arrival, you will have to pay an administration fee of NOK 100. - If you cancel less than 15 days before arrival (or if you do not show up for the activity), you will be charged for the whole activity (no refund).
  • - Accommodation packages that include tickets for events cannot be cancelled:

Concerning the purchase of accommodation packages including tickets for events:

The purchase is completed when payment has been made. Purchased tickets will not be refunded. Lost tickets will not be replaced. The right to cancel a purchase does not apply to the purchase of tickets (see Section 12 of the Act relating to a Cooling-Off period for Consumer Purchases).

Accommodation packages including activities, guiding etc.
The cancellation rules are the same as the terms and conditions for the cancellation of activities unless otherwise stated in documentation/confirmation of the booking that you have been sent. If you depart earlier than confirmed, you will not receive any repayment. If the accommodation enterprise has incurred special costs in connection with the booking, these costs must also be compensated.

What if you just want to change something?
A change is treated as a cancellation. See 'What terms and conditions apply if you wish to cancel?'

What happens if something goes wrong?
If your hotel stay cannot take place in accordance with the travel documents you have received and if no alternative of the same quality can be offered (e.g. another hotel in the same class and with the same location), you are entitled to cancel. Visit Elverum-Regionen AS will then repay all the payments you have made, with a deduction for any parts that you have already used. If any defects arise after you arrive, it is important that they are rectified on site (e.g. at the hotel). If you wish to complain afterwards, you should first contact Visit Elverum-Regionen AS. Please note that your chances of receiving a refund are greatest if you do not wait too long before complaining.

The Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund
Elverum-Regionen AS takes responsibility for all travel covered by the Norwegian Package Tours Act (pakkereiseloven). Elverum-Regionen AS has statutory warranties, which give you, as the purchaser of a package tour, the security that the legislation envisages. For products and services that are not covered by the Package Tours Act, Elverum-Regionen AS only accepts responsibility for errors relating to our own booking service. All other claims must be resolved between the supplier and the customer. For more information, see: www.reisegarantifondet.no.

What happens if we do not reach agreement?
If we fail to reach agreement, you can contact the complaints board for package holidays – Reklamasjonsnemnda for Selskapsreiser – P.O. Box 2924 Solli, NO-0230 Oslo, within four weeks of receiving a final answer from Visit Elverum-Regionen AS.

Disclaimer concerning changes and errors
We reserve the right to make changes and disclaim liability for any errors on the website. All information is provided subject to the reservation that changes may have been made after the information was posted. We also disclaim liability for any typing errors.

Processing of personal data
The personal data (e.g. name, address, email addresses and phone number) that you provide in connection with your booking can be used by Visit Elverum-Regionen AS as the basis for market and customer analyses, and for statistical purposes. By providing such personal data, you consent to Visit Elverum-Regionen AS using your personal data for these purposes.

Visit Elverum-Regionen AS

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